M2-Kodit as a company

Living in M2 apartment – More life

We at M2-Kodit think that a home is more than just a flat. Living costs cannot consume all your money, because you must be able to enjoy life.

This is why we aim to develop the services we offer to our tenants, the shared facilities in our buildings, and opportunities for positive interaction with your neighbours and other local residents.

The goal of M2 is to offer Finns rental homes they can afford. We do not seek to make a profit. Therefore our rents are determined by ARA’s absorption principle and are reasonable. At the moment, the demand for flats is particularly high in the Capital Region and in other growth centres.

What is M2?

M2-Kodit, formerly known as Y-Asunnot, is a company owned by the Y-Säätiö Group, focusing on reasonably-priced ARA rental dwellings.

  • 9,800 flats
  • 16,000 tenants
  • 222 locations
  • flats in 29 towns
  • average size of a flat 55.7 m²
  • average amount of rent per square metre in 2016 is €13,4/m²

Want to work for us?

M2-Kodit employs many different kinds of property industry professionals. Find out more about our open positions at the Y-Säätiö’s website (in Finnish).

What is Y-Foundation?

Y-Foundation (Y-Säätiö), the owner of M2-Kodit, is a public benefit operator. Being a public benefit operator means that the goal of the foundation or its companies is not to make a profit but to operate according to the absorption principle.

Y-Foundation was founded in 1985 by the Association of Finnish Local and Regional Authorities, the City of Espoo, the City of Helsinki, the City of Tampere, the City of Turku, the City of Vantaa, the Church Council, the Finnish Construction Trade Union, the Finnish Association for Mental Health, the Finnish Red Cross, the Confederation of Finnish Construction Industries RT and Alko Oy.

Y-Foundation offers rental flats in over 5o cities, towns or municipalities to people with difficulties finding a flat.  The flats are acquired by buying single housing units in limited liability housing companies and by constructing rental buildings around the country. The focal points for the rental flat acquisition are the Capital Region and other big cities or growth centres.

Y-Foundation offers two dwelling options: the Y homes meant for special groups, and the normal M2-Kodit rental flats. The funding model and target group for the two options are a little different from one another, but they share the same central operating principle: all people need a home of their own.

Y-Foundation does active research and development work to eradicate homelessness. The foundation is a member of KOVA, the Association for Advocating Affordable Rental Housing, and Arvo, an association for social enterprises.