For the tenant

Communal areas in the building

The building’s communal areas make everyday life easier

An M2 home is more than just the square metres of your flat. In many of our locations, the tenants have their own storage space, shared storages for outdoor equipment, clubrooms and a sauna, facilitating the smoothness of everyday life.

The storages are located in the shared facilities of the building. There is usually a designated storage compartment for each flat according to number. For fire safety reasons, fuel canisters, fireworks, liquid gas, etc. should not be kept in the storage.

Do not let other tenants in the building use your storage, as that can cause problems to the tenant moving in after you. Keep the storage locked even when empty, so that your neighbours cannot place their belongings in it without your permission.

Some buildings also have a traditional household cellar with a compartment designated to your flat number. The building also features an outdoor equipment and/or a bicycle storage shared by all residents. The bicycle storage is intended only for bicycles that are in use. If the building does not have a separate outdoor equipment storage, you can also keep a pram or a stroller and outdoor equipment in the bicycle storage.

Please note that you are not allowed to store anything in the hallway or the storage space corridors for fire safety reasons! Prams, bicycles and toboggans are kept in the shared outdoor equipment storage or in the individual storage compartment.