Filling out and renewing an apartment application

It’s nice that you have decided to apply for a new home from M2-Kodit. Here are a few tips on your application.

Filling out an apartment application

You should fill out your apartment application with care. Let us know what you expect from your new residential area and apartment type. Keep the description as broad as possible to find an apartment easier. You can select, for example, several residential areas and not add any unnecessary restrictions. Once you have submitted your application, you will get a confirmation by SMS or email that M2-Kodit have received your application.

You do not need to provide supporting documentation right away. Appendices will be requested when you are offered an apartment.

What supporting documentation is needed for an apartment application?

Apartment application validity period and renewal

Your application is valid for three months. You can edit your valid apartment application on our website or by contacting our customer service. Make sure to update your application especially if you have to move from your old apartment sooner or a different number of people are moving with you than the number you originally reported in the application. As the size of the family changes, the size of the apartment to be applied for may also change.

We will contact you once we have found a suitable apartment. If you do not receive an offer for an apartment in three months, renew your application online or through our customer service. If you do not renew your renew your application within three months, your application will expire, and you must fill out a new application.

Apartment waiting period

Receiving an apartment from M2-Kodit is not based on a first come, first served policy, and the apartment offers cannot be influenced. We offer apartments for applicants based on necessity and urgency. Read more about  ARA’s grounds for selecting tenants.

Tips for those waiting for an apartment offer:

1.     Edit your application and broaden the selection criteria.The more properties or residential areas you apply for, the better chances you have to get an apartment.

2.     Familiarise yourself with the selection criteria and clearly express why you are looking for an apartment and if you are, for example, at risk of losing your current home.

3.     Learn more about the topic: How to fill out an apartment application correctly.

Are you already a tenant in an M2-Kodit apartment? Learn more exchanging M2-Kodit apartments (see Changes to the applicant at the end of the document)

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