What is M2-Kodit?

M2-Kodit is a rental company owned by the Y-Foundation Group, focusing on affordable ARA rental housing. There are over 10,800 rental apartments in M2-Kodit all over Finland, in 30 locations. Our goal is to provide rental homes that residents can afford.

Who can apply for M2-Kodit apartment?

M2-Kodit rental apartments are ordinary rental apartments, homes for all of us! The apartments are ARA-funded and have property limits. We follow the needs assessment in the residents’ choices, ie the aim is to provide housing to those who need it the most.

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Contact us

You can reach us by email or phone from Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm. We also serve customers in our regional offices in seven locations.

Want to work for us?

We employ a number of different experts in customer service, apartment rental, hosting and finance. In addition, we employ professionals in administration, information management and communications, among others. We get to do valuable work on housing. We also support the employment of our residents through the Uuras program.

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M2 magazine

M2 is M2-Kodit’s customer magazine, which is mailed to all our apartments twice a year. The M2 magazine is made for our residents and is part of our resident benefits.

The magazine has been awarded honorable mentions in the international Folio Awards competition. M2 is a 100% carbon neutral print product.

Unfortunately M2 magazine is published only in finnish.