For the tenant

Tenant activity

More comfortable living through cooperation

If you want to learn about your building’s maintenance and the decision-making at M2-Kodit, as well as get to know your neighbours better, you are welcome to join in the tenant activities!

Another name for tenant activity is tenant democracy, which means the statutory and formal contributions and development work performed by the building residents that takes place in official bodies on various levels. Tenant democracy is defined by The Housing Development and Finance Centre of Finland (ARA). Tenant activity is completely voluntary.

What does tenant activity mean in practice?

In practice, tenant activity means that tenants have the right to receive information, take part in the preparation, give their opinions, monitor and make decisions on certain matters mentioned in the law. Together the tenants decide how tenant democracy is implemented in their building. Discussing matters concerning the building in a tenant meeting is considered to be the minimum level of activity.

The tenant meeting chooses a tenant committee for the building. The tenant committee’s first meeting is a so-called constituent meeting, where the tenant committee appoints a Chair and a Secretary. Each tenant committee determines how often they wish to hold meetings.

You are welcome to learn about the tenant activity in your building! Tenant meetings are held every autumn, and every tenant will receive a personal invitation. Taking part in a meeting does not obligate you to continue taking part in the tenant committee, but it gives you a good insight into the tenant democracy – and you will get to know your neighbours better!