M2-Kodit tenant activity

Resident events

NOTE! Physical resident events have been canceled until further notice due to the epidemic situation. Let’s be responsible together and take care of each other!

Resident events are part of M2-Kodit’s resident activities. M2-Kodit’s residents’ events are planned by the residents involved in regional activities. Event information is updated as the event approaches. Find events in your area and come along!

Tenant activity

Get involved in resident activities! Our goal is to increase community and living comfort. The resident activities of M2-Kodit are three-tiered.

House committees

What: A house-based resident action group whose members and chairman are elected every two years. Resident activities are voluntary and unpaid. Task: Organize activities among the residents of the house, such as joint events. The activities are financed by house-specific appropriations.

Regional groups

What: The members of the regional group are elected every two years at a regional meeting. Any resident of M2-Kodit living in the area can join.
Task: The regional groups organize joint events for the regions according to the themes defined jointly by the M2-Kodit and the residents. Themes include the environment and recycling, rescue and safety, nature and camping, exercise and well-being

Residents’ Council

What: The Residents ‘Council is the highest level of residents’ activities and consists of the chairmen of the regional groups. The chairman of the Residents’ Council participates in the board of M2-Kodit. The Council will take a position on the finances and activities of M2-Kodit.