Disturbances and problematic situations

Living noises are a normal part of living in a building. A lifestyle that deviates from the normal and constantly causes disturbances can, however, trouble the life of other tenants.

Disturbing behaviour may be, for example:

  • loud music
  • constant sounds of fighting and screaming
  • noise caused by guests
  • noise made in common areas, such as the stairwell and the yard.

Please read the regulations of your building carefully. In the regulations, you can find the hours during which silence must be maintained. Avoid making loud noises especially at night during these hours.

If you feel that the loud behaviour of your neighbours is disturbing, you can report it to M2-Kodit. The notification must always be done in writing. The notification must include your signature and a signature of at least one other neighbour that has suffered from the disturbance. The complainants will not be disclosed to the person the complaint was filed against.

If you have been issued with a warning, follow these steps:

  • If the complaint is about your lifestyle, contact us, so that we can solve the matter.
  • If you feel that the complaint is completely unjustified, you may write a response.
  • Being active in these matters works in your favour as the situation can be solved in time.

A reprimand may be issued due to causing constant or continued disturbing noise. If the reprimand does not make a difference, we will issue a warning about cancelling your lease agreement. If the disturbances continue despite the warning, we will start the eviction process. You only get one warning before eviction.