Who can apply for an apartment from us?

M2-Kodit rental apartments are normal rental apartments and homes for everyone. However, as they are funded by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland (ARA), we must take into consideration a few rules in our tenant selection process.

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What does ARA or wealth limit mean?

ARA, wealth limit, needs assessment… Don’t worry if the terms of the housing application are thought-provoking. These words are also nutted by others. Take over the concepts of rental housing.

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New buildings

M2-Kodit constructs new buildings every year. Information and application periods for new buildings are announced before the completion of the building. Residential selection for new buildings is carried out based on the applications received during the application period. After the application period, the apartments are subject to continuous application.

Check our new buildings and fill out an application!

M2-Kodit Youth Housing

We also offer youth housing for young adults. The apartments are intended for young adults aged 18–29 years. You can live in the apartment until you turn 35 years.


Koti kuntoon -renovations

Koti kuntoon is M2-Kodit’s own apartment renovation concept to renew all the surfaces of the apartment. The aim of the Koti kuntoon renovations is to give a new look to the apartment and increase residential comfort.