Frequently asked questions

  • When your life situation changes, you can apply for a new M2-Kodit apartment. You can do so by filling out a new housing application.

    There is also a housing exchange in the OmaM2 service where residents can swap homes.

  • Termination must always be done in writing. The notice period is one calendar month.

    Important things to remember when terminating your lease

  • You will hear normal sounds of life in any apartment building. However, an exceptionally loud lifestyle that frequently disturbs neighbours may negatively affect other residents’ quality of life. If possible, you should first talk directly to your neighbour.

    Regulations and other guidelines for problematic situations

  • At M2-Kodit, we want our residents to have comfortable but also energy-efficient indoor air conditions. We follow indoor temperature recommendations. In most of our properties, apartment temperatures are maintained by the Leanheat heating control system.

  • Unfortunately the due date cannot be moved.

    What to do if you are unable to pay your rent on time

  • Urgent fault

    Call your maintenance company immediately if you notice an urgent fault in your house or apartment. Urgent faults that must be repaired immediately include water leakages and other faults that put tenants or the apartment at risk.

    The maintenance company’s contact information

    Non-urgent maintenance request

    File a non-urgent maintenance request by submitting an electronic fault notification. Non-urgent faults are those that do not put tenants or the apartment at risk.