M2-Kodit rental apartments are ARA rental apartments, meaning that they are state-funded. For this reason, we aim to keep the rents for M2-Kodit apartments equitable and the rent increases moderate. We are a non-profit entity.

Nearly all M2-Kodit apartment rents include 10 Mbp/s or 50 Mbp/s  Internet connection and water tariff. In some locations, the water is invoiced separately.

Rent payment

The rent is due on the 2nd day of each month. You can find your rent information in the rent payment form sent to your home or in the OmaM2 service. You can also pay the rent electronically. You can choose e-invoice as your payment method in your online bank.

OmaM2 service

Delayed rent payment

If you are unable to pay your rent by the due date, please contact the M2-Kodit rent supervision services immediately. The due date cannot be changed. We can draw up a payment plan, which allows you to pay the outstanding rent in smaller instalments.

Contact our housing adviser if you need advice in matters related to your rental situation, applying for housing allowance or other benefits as well as household management. The service is confidential and free. The housing adviser will direct you to applicable services if necessary.

Read more about housing couselling

Please contact the rent supervision services and housing counselling through our customer service by email at or by telephone tel. +358 (0)9 7742 5500.

Did you know that you can forward the Kela housing allowance directly to the lessor?

Authorisation and consent

M2-Kodit processes personal data on its tenants. The legal grounds for the processing of data and the practical arrangements thereof are described in our privacy statement. We will not disclose your personal data to third parties without the legal grounds based on the appropriate data protection law. However, you may give your consent for disclosing your personal data to the parties specified by you-

Tenant’s disclosure of personal data (PDF)

If someone is taking care of matters in relation to your lease agreement on your behalf, they need an authorisation.

Authorisation to represent a resident (PDF)