Frequently asked questions

  • Our vacant apartments remain visible online until the lease is confirmed. As a result, some apartment listings will be visible online even after the rental process has progressed and a tenant has been selected. Due to the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland’s regulations governing our operations, our apartments must be publicly visible and searchable until the lease is confirmed. This way, everyone has the opportunity to apply for the apartment if, for one reason or another, the apartment offered to the applicant becomes available again.

    We offer our vacant apartments first to the people who have the greatest need for housing.

    Who can apply for an M2-Kodit apartment

  • You can select favourite homes to communicate your wishes concerning the apartment to our rental negotiators. These favourites help our rental negotiators find suitable apartments for you. Please note that you may not get an offer for one of your exact favourite homes, but our negotiators can offer you similar apartments according to the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland’s guidelines of resident selection. You can also submit an application without selecting any favourite homes.

  • We go through each housing application we receive. When apartments become vacant, all suitable applications are taken into account. The successful applicant is selected based on the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland’s criteria.

    When we select tenants, we take into account both the urgency of the application and the applicant’s financial situation. We aim to offer vacant apartments to those who need them most at the time. Each application is processed on a case-by-case basis. We do not use the traditional queue system.

    Please remember that your application is valid for three months. If we have not offered you an apartment before then, remember to renew your application:

    When you renew your application, consider also broadening your apartment search to a larger area.

  • M2-Kodit rental apartments are regular rental apartments that are meant for everyone. But since they are funded by the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland, we have to take into account a few rules in the resident selection process.

    Who can apply for an M2-Kodit apartment?

  • You can get an apartment despite having a payment default entry. However, a payment default entry may influence the amount of your security deposit or the form of the agreement.

  • Submit only one application. You can add some favourite homes to your application that you’d especially like to move into. It is advisable to include as many search areas in your application as possible. If you edit your application afterwards, it will always replace the previous application you submitted.

  • When your life situation changes, you can apply for a new M2-Kodit apartment. You can do so by filling out a new housing application.

    There is also a housing exchange in the OmaM2 service where residents can swap homes.