There are many important things to keep in mind. We have listed important issues related to moving in and moving out.

  • You cannot move into the new apartment earlier than the start date of your lease agreement. You will be able to get the keys to your new home from the maintenance company during its opening hours at the start of your lease agreement.

  • You will receive the keys to your new rental home from your maintenance company at the start of your agreement. You can find the maintenance company’s contact information and opening times on the stairway notice board or on the building’s website.

    Upon agreement, you can also collect the keys directly from the previous tenant, but it is not recommended. However, if you do receive the keys from the previous tenant, fill out the key handover agreement and deliver it to the maintenance company. The housing company must be aware that the keys have been returned. Make sure to keep your copy of the key handover agreement.

    Contact the maintenance company immediately if you lose your keys.

  • Where do I submit an official notification of move?

    Submit a notification of move to the Digital and Population Data Agency and Posti when you move. The notification of move should be submitted well before you move in order to receive mail at the right address from your preferred date. Printed forms are available at Posti and the Digital and Population Data Agency. The notification of move can also be submitted online.

    How do I submit the notification of move to the building’s maintenance company?

    When you move, you must also notify the maintenance company. It is important that you notify the maintenance company of everyone who moves into the apartment. If one of the tenants forgets their key at home, the maintenance company will check the identity of the tenant and open a locked door to registered tenants only.

    You will find the contact information on the notice board in the stairwell of your building and in the OmaM2 service.

  • If you notice any inadequacies or faults when you move into your apartment, take a photo of them and notify the discrepancies to your maintenance company. You can find the contact information of your building’s maintenance company on the stairway notice board or on the building’s website.

    The maintenance company’s contact information

  • Check our more detailed instructions

    Activating Internet

    and reserving a parking spaces and sauna

  • Subletting

    Subletting means a rental contract where only a part of the apartment is leased for someone else’s use. The tenant may have a subtenant in the apartment without permission from M2-Kodit if the subletting does not cause significant inconvenience to the lessor. The subtenant may be assigned half of the apartment at most.

    The principal tenant and subtenant will sign a sublease with each other, and the main lessor, M2-Kodit, is not a party to this rental relationship.

    Temporary transfer

    A temporary transfer is not the same as subletting. According to law, a tenant may transfer the entire apartment to someone else for up to two years.

    There must be a valid reason for the transfer, for example, work, studies, sickness, imprisonment or some other reason why the tenant sojourns in another town for several months and the lessor does not have valid grounds to object to the transfer.

    The tenant must notify M2-Kodit of the temporary transfer in writing by the latest one month before transferring the apartment to another person.

    The principal tenant and temporary tenant will sign a temporary lease with each other, and the main lessor, M2-Kodit, is not a party to this rental relationship.

    Please note that the principal tenant is always responsible for the condition of the apartment or disturbances in rental payments even if they do not live in the apartment.

    Adding occupants; a child or a partner

    If your partner moves in with you, the lease agreement does not need to be altered. It is sufficient to register the new occupant’s information in the register of occupants, which allows the maintenance company to have valid information about the occupants. However, if you wish to add the new occupant to the lease agreement, we ask you to provide us with the documentation in accordance with Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland’s guidelines of resident selection.


    If only one of the parties terminates the lease agreement and the other stays in the apartment, both tenants must terminate the agreement (link to the electronic termination). The notice period of terminations is one calendar month. In the additional information field, both tenants must write down the person who will stay in the apartment and who will move out. Once we have received and processed the notice of termination, you will receive a confirmation. A new lease will not be signed but the lease agreement is transferred to the person staying in the apartment. M2-Kodit sends the necessary information, for example, in regard to housing allowance directly to Kela.

    If the tenant moving out leaves the keys with the tenant staying in the apartment, they must fill out the key handover agreement (link) and deliver it to the maintenance company.

    If the person moving out has reserved a parking space, it must be terminated at the same time. The parking space is not automatically transferred to the person staying in the apartment. If the person staying in the apartment wishes to have the parking space, they must contact the maintenance company. A one-month termination notice also applies to the parking space.



  • Would you like to return a paper termination to M2-Kodit by post or email? Download the Notice of termination of lease agreement (PDF). Don’t forget to sign the form. Forms that are sent without a signature are not valid and will be returned to the tenant for signing.

    Important things to remember when terminating your lease:


    Can the lease be terminated by the lessor?

    We never terminate a lease agreement without a valid reason..

    If, before the termination, the lease agreement has been consecutively valid

    • for at least one year, the lessor’s notice period for the termination is six months
    • for less than a year, the lessor’s notice period for the termination is three months.