Terminating the lease

Please remember that the lease must always be terminated in writing, either online or in a letter via mail. Please note when you send a letter of termination that the termination notice is registered to have been received on the day it arrives at M2-Kodit.

Terminate your lease online (in Finnish)

Download the Notice of termination of lease agreement below

Notice of termination of lease agreement (pdf)

Don’t forget to sign the form. Forms that are sent without a signature are not valid and will be returned to the tenant for signing.

Important things to remember when terminating your lease:

  • The termination notice period for your lease is one full calendar month. The notice period begins on the last day of the calendar month during which M2-Kodit has received the notice of termination of lease agreement. Therefore, the lease agreement is due to terminate on the last day of the next calendar month. For example, a lease agreement that was terminated on 12 November is valid until 31 December. A tenant cannot terminate a fixed-term lease agreement.
  • Termination of a lease is always done in writing. You can terminate your lease agreement by filling out an electronic form or returning a paper form to M2-Kodit by post or email.
  • If two persons have signed the lease agreement, both must fill out the electronic termination notice form or sign the paper termination notice form. Both cannot fill out the electronic form simultaneously, but the other party must submit the termination notice immediately after. If both principal tenants have not terminated their lease agreement electronically within 24 hours, the termination cannot be processed.
  • If only one of the parties terminates the lease and the other party is staying in the apartment, also the tenant that is staying in the apartment must fill out an electronic termination notice and then confirm that the entire lease agreement with its obligations will be transferred to their name. In the additional information field, both parties must note that one of the parties is staying in the apartment and only one is moving out.
  • M2-Kodit will always confirm the termination. Once M2-Kodit has received and processed your termination notice, you will always receive a written confirmation by email. After the confirmation, the person terminating the contract will separately receive moving instructions. If you do not receive a written confirmation within three business days, please contact the M2-Kodit customer service by email atm2.asiakaspalvelu@ysaatio.fi or by phone +358 (0)9 7742 5500.
  • Termination initiates a new lease process. Your termination notice immediately initiates a process to find a new tenant for the apartment. This means that the termination cannot be rescinded because the apartment may already have been offered to new tenants. During your notice period, your contact information may be given to our customers who are interested in the apartment, so that they can contact you to organise a viewing of the apartment. If you do not have a chance to show the apartment, we ask you to contact the M2-Kodit customer service so we can organise a viewing some other way.