Housing counselling 

The M2-Kodit housing counselling supports you in problematic issues. Contact our housing counsellor if you need advice in relation to, for example, paying rent, applying for housing allowance or other benefits, maintaining neighbour relations, during eviction threats or keeping your home clean.


The M2-Kodit housing counselling is always free, and housing counsellors are always bound by the obligation of secrecy.


Please contact housing counselling by email at m2.asumisneuvonta@ysaatio.fi

or by telephone tel. +358 (0)9 7742 5500


M2-Kodit also offers financial advisory services

As a resident of M2-Kodit, you can turn to a financial counsellor with any issues related to your finances.

If you have issues with paying rent, please contact us as early as possible – preferably immediately.

The earlier these financial challenges are tackled, the more solutions are available for balancing out the situation.

The service is confidential and free of charge.

Contact our financial counsellor if:

  • you have unpaid rent
  • you want to map your overall financial situation (income, expenses, debt)
  • you need help with budgeting

In budget planning, your apartment should always come first.

Our financial counsellors are available via telephone or e-mail anywhere in Finland. If necessary, a personal meeting can also be arranged in the Helsinki metropolitan area.

M2-Kodit Financial Counsellors can be reached at:

tel. +358 (0)9 7742 5500