Apartment offer and viewing

You will receive an offer for an apartment once we have found a suitable home for you. After this, you can get to know the rental apartment in a viewing. Then you can decide if the apartment will become your new home!

Apartment offer and supporting documentation

We normally send you an apartment offer by email. The offer letter gives you more information on the offered apartment and the validity period of the offer. Please note that the offer period is short. You should inform us immediately whether you are interested in the apartment. If necessary, we may extend the offer period to allow you to visit the apartment.Please note that if you do not respond to the offer by the given deadline, the offer is automatically rejected.

Accepting an apartment offer and supporting documentation

When you receive an offer for an apartment, respond to the offer immediately. You can contact the rental negotiator to get more information on the apartment and to organise a viewing.

Supporting documentation

If you wish to sign a lease agreement on the offered apartment, we ask you to provide the supporting documentation before signing. You can add the supporting documentation electronically via the edit your application link.

The supporting documentation is to prove that the information provided in the application is correct. As life circumstances and the reasons for the application vary, also the requested supporting documentation may differ.

Supporting documentation can include

  • Tax certificates (tax decision and the specification section) for all persons over the age of 18 who are moving into the apartment
  • Pay statements for everyone in employment
  • Certificate of the amount of pension
  • An account of a fair value of assets if the applicant has assets
  • A court decision on an obligation to move

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Apartment viewing

You can only view an M2-Kodit apartment after you have received an offer. The current tenant or an M2-Kodit representative may be present in the apartment. You do not have to prepare for the viewing. Only the person who the apartment has been offered to can view the apartment. We may, however, organise group viewings in our freshly completed properties. Read more about M2-Kodit tips for apartment viewing!

Rejecting an apartment offer and getting a new offer

If you received an offer on an apartment that you are not interested in, tell us the reason why. That way we may be able to offer you an apartment that is more suited for you. Remember to update your application if there is a change in your life circumstance or it becomes more urgent for you to get an apartment.

If you do not respond to the offer by the given deadline, the offer is automatically rejected.

You can remain as an applicant after rejecting an apartment offer. Please note that we cannot guarantee that you will receive another offer.

Security deposit payment

You do not need to pay a security deposit, if your credit status is good. We check your credit information before signing the contract. If you have a registered credit default, the security deposit corresponds to the rent for 1−3 months.

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