Lease agreement

By signing the lease, you secure your move into the new rental apartment. An agreement clarifies the tenancy relationship for both the lessor and tenant. Familiarise yourself with the agreement to avoid unexpected surprises.

Signing the lease agreement electronically

You can also sign the lease agreement online. You need an email address and online banking credentials to sign the agreement electronically. If the agreement is under several people, all must sign the lease agreement. In this case, each must have online banking credentials.

You will receive more detailed instructions by email once the agreement is ready to be signed.

Signing the lease agreement at the office

You are also welcome to sign the agreement at our office. Check the contact information of regional offices.  You need a photo ID and necessary documentation, for example an authorisation from the second party in order to sign the agreement.

Indefinitely valid lease and fixed-term lease

Generally, M2-Kodit’s lease agreements are valid indefinitely. The agreement ends if a tenant or lessor terminates the agreement. If you terminate the agreement, the notice period is one calendar month. If the lessor terminates your agreement, the notice period depends on how long your agreement has been valid for. If the lease has been valid for less than a year, the notice period is three calendar months, and if the lease has been valid for more than a year, the notice period is six months.

A fixed-term lease is valid until the date specified in the agreement.

A fixed-term lease agreement is binding for both the tenant and lessor: neither can terminate the agreement before the end of the lease unless by mutual agreement.

Authorisation and consent

M2-Kodit processes personal data on its tenants.The legal grounds for the processing of data and the practical arrangements thereof are described in our privacy statement. We will not disclose your personal data to third parties without the legal grounds based on the appropriate data protection law. You may give your consent for disclosing your personal data to the parties specified by you, however.

Tenant’s disclosure of personal data (PDF)

If someone is taking care of matters related to the tenancy or lease agreement on your behalf, they need an authorisation. You can use the authorisation below, for example, or draw up your own authorisation.

Authorisation to represent a resident (PDF)