M2-Kodit regulations

Everybody has the right to comfortable and safe living at M2-Kodit. Our tenants take each other into account and use the
common areas and yards responsibly. In addition to following laws, regulations and the terms of the lease agreement, our
tenants and their guests follow a set of general building regulations, as well as facility-specific instructions for common areas
such as the sauna, laundry room and clubroom.

Common areas

You have the right to use the building’s common areas. Please maintain their general tidiness and avoid causing
disruption.The building entrance doors are kept locked during set hours. Please make sure that they close behind you.
All passages must be kept clear for fire safety reasons. For example, keeping your own doormat in the stairwell is
prohibited. Please store baby carriages, bicycles and other items in their designated places, not in the stairwell
or the corridors of the storage. The stairwell fronts and yard walkways must also be kept clear.

The storage may not be used to store flammable materials or any other items that increase the risk of a fire
or might make a fire more difficult to extinguish. Please do not store your unnecessary items in the common
areas. Take them to the local recycling centre instead. If your building has a laundry room, we recommend using
it to decrease the risk of water damage in your apartment.

Yards, balconies and apartment gardens

Yards, balconies and apartment gardens make the building more cosy to live in. Please avoid making a lot ofnoise during night-time, as the sound carries. If you would like to barbeque something, please try to use the designated barbeque area if your building has one. Building a fire or using a disposable barbeque is prohibited. An electric barbeque is the safest option for
balconies and apartment gardens. Fire safety alwayscomes first.

Please keep your balcony or garden tidy and clear the snow when necessary. If your apartment has its own garden, make sure to maintain the lawn and plants. Please do not clean dusty textiles on the balcony or hang anything over the railing. Attaching any kind of structures or equipment outside the apartment or balcony is prohibited.

Please use the designated facilities for clearing dust off your carpets and textiles and drying your laundry. Do not let your pet defecate in the property area. Pets must be kept on a leash and are not allowed in the
children’s playground. Do not feed birds or other wild animals on the property.

Living noise

Normal living noise is a part of apartment living. Such noises include, for example, the sound of children playing. Loud, frequent or long-lasting noise or dog’s barking, however, is disruptive and should be avoided. Please let your neighbours have peace at night between  10 p.m. and 7 a.m. by avoiding doing laundry, renovating or any other activity that makes a lot of noise or causes vibrations.


Please sort your waste according to the sorting instructions and take it to the building’s waste collection bins. It is your responsibility to properly dispose of waste that does not belong in the property’s bins, such as hazardous waste or furniture, by taking it to a municipal waste collection station.

Do not pour down the drain or flush any waste or objects that might clog the pipes.


According to the terms of the lease, smoking is prohibited in the common areas and inside the apartments.
On non-smoking properties, smoking is prohibited on the entire property except for the designated smoking area, if
one exists. The smoking ban also applies to electronic cigarettes.


Parking is only allowed in the designated parking spaces. Only service vehicles may temporarily park elsewhere on the property. Rescue routes must be kept clear.

The parking spaces are primarily reserved for tenants who have made a parking space agreement. Their use is described in more detail in the terms of the lease. Guest spaces are intended for temporary parking by the tenants’ guests.

Faults and deficiencies

Please report any faults and deficiencies to the maintenance company. You are obligated to always report any faults or breakdowns that may cause additional damage if not immediately fixed.

If you would like to renovate or paint your apartment, make sure to agree on it with your property manager in advance.


If you notice any disturbances or safety hazards, we recommend first bringing the matter up with the person causing the disturbance. You can report any continuing disturbances to the property manager, who will take appropriate action. The person being complained about has the right to tell their side of the story. If you suspect criminal activity, always report it to the police.

The lessor has the legal right to terminate the lease of a tenant who follows a disruptive lifestyle, fails to take proper care of their apartment or breaks health or order regulations.

A person who deliberately damages the structures or plants on the property is always liable to compensate.

M2-Kodit tenant council 9/2018