Want to work for us?

M2-Kodit is owned by the Y-Foundation Group. There are about 160 of us y-founders all over Finland, in seven different offices. Our tasks are divided into the tasks of the Y Foundation and M2-Kodit. We are Finland’s fourth largest landlord.

We employ a number of different experts in customer service, home rental, hosting and finance. In addition, we employ professionals in administration, information management and communications, among others. We get to do valuable work on housing.

The Y-Foundation Group owns more than 17,300 rental apartments, of which almost 10,600 are M2-Kodit rental apartments and more than 6,700 Y-Foundation rental apartments for special groups.

We support the employment of our residents

We want our residents to be well. That is why we have the Uuras program. We offer work to our residents through two different services: jobs in our partner companies throughout Finland and temporary jobs in Uusimaa.

Our partner companies offer jobs all over Finland

Thanks to the Uuras programme, your job application will not be lost in the masses, because you will get a fast-track to an interview in one of our partner companies.

Join us for a temporary job task

In Uusimaa, Uuras offers temporary job tasks, such as property maintenance, snowcleaning, repair, renovation, transport and moving assistance.

Are you interested? Check out our website ysaatio.fi/uuras. We help with a low threshold!