Aarontie 4

Ristonmaa, 40500 Jyväskylä

20 kpl
balcony access block/terraced house
Year of construction
Building type:
balcony access block/terraced house
Year of construction:
Vuokraan sisältyy Elisan 50 Mbit/s internet-yhteys

Building information

Aarontie 4, Ristonmaa, 40500 Jyväskylä
Number of apartments
Energy class
Storage rooms
Storage rooms kylmä ulkovarasto
Storage rooms for outdoor equipments
Shared facilities of the property
laundry room

Maintenance company

  • Sulun Kiinteistönhoito Oy
  • kiinteistonhoito@sulunkh.fi
  • 010 820 9300
  • Betonitie 4, 40340 Jyväskylä

Asset limits for Jyväskylä

When you apply for an ARA-funded house, your assets must fit within the limits set by the state. Check the attached wealth and income limit tables to see if you can apply for housing at M2-Kodit. Assets refer to, among other things, housing shares, real estate, funds and securities.

Read more about asset limits
person 41000 € group 50000 € groups 67000 € 4x person 77000 € 5x person 87000 € As the size of the applicant household increases, the wealth limit will be raised by 10000 € per person.

Apartment types in this building