For the tenant

Parking spot and sauna

A parking slot for a car or a motorcycle

A chance to park your car or a motorcycle is important to make everyday life run smoothly. Guest parking spots are only intended for short-term parking. Lock the lid on your electrical outlet and disconnect the car’s heater cable.

  • Parking in the yard area is allowed only for transporting items. The yard area passages must be kept open for rescue purposes.
  • The garage is not to be used as a storage facility or for storing flammable liquids. Washing, maintenance or repair work to cars must be done outside the garage.
  • You can inquire the maintenance company for an available parking spot. You can find the contact information for your building’s maintenance company on the building’s property pages.

Your own sauna slot and shared slots

In most of our buildings we offer the residents a chance to have their own weekly slot in the building’s communal sauna. Please check the notice board in your building if there are also shared slots open for everyone.

  • Sauna slot reservations are made through the maintenance company.
  • Remember to cancel your reservations when you move out
  • Please remember to cancel your parking spot and sauna slot reservations so that your neighbours can use them!