Terms of use and personal data protection

These terms of use apply to the Y-Foundation Group’s (hereinafter referred to as “Y-Foundation”) websites ysaatio.fi and m2kodit.fi and to the services included on these websites (hereinafter referred to as “websites and services”).

Our services and related services, such as application forms, comply with the following laws and regulations:

  • Information Society Code 917/2014
  • Act on the Protection of Privacy in Electronic Communications 516/2004
  • General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679

Purpose of the Service

The purpose of the service is to improve the availability of the data and services of the Y-Foundation as well as to share useful information about the Y-Foundation and its products and services.

Our websites are primarily designed to be used in Finland. Finnish and EU legislation are applied to these terms of use as well as to the usage of the websites.

Copyrights, Trademarks and other Intellectual Property Rights

The materials in our service may be browsed and copied by printing and downloading files. However, the materials may only be used for non-commercial and personal purposes. The copies or parts of the copies may not be sold or shared for commercial purposes electronically or as printed copies, and it is forbidden to make changes to them or attach them to other materials or other web pages. Press releases may be published elsewhere provided that the source is mentioned.

The ownership, copyright and all other intellectual property rights of the service belong to the Y-Foundation or other information providers. The materials in the service may not be published, even partially, or transferred, copied, used or otherwise exploited without the Y-Foundation’s prior written consent.

Limitations of Liability

The Y-Foundation strives to ensure that the contents of the service are correct and up-to-date, that the service operates correctly and continuously and that the service meets the reasonable information security requirements. However, the Y-Foundation is not liable for any direct or indirect costs or damages that might be caused as a result of using the service or the non-functioning of the service.

All information on our websites is intended for informational purposes only. The information or materials on the websites cannot be considered as binding offers, requests to act, or commitments.

If there are inconsistencies between the materials in the service and other official public materials of the Y-Foundation, the official published format shall always prevail.

The floor plans and other information contained in the service regarding the apartments are indicative. The correctness of the information must always be verified with an appropriate party, such as the M2-Kodit apartment rental office.

Users can use the service to send messages to the Y-Foundation. The user is responsible for ensuring that the messages are delivered successfully and that the information in the messages is correct.

The service may contain links to third parties’ websites that are intended to assist the user. The Y-Foundation strives to ensure that these links are functional, but it is not liable for the content of the linked websites, nor for any damages caused by the use of such links.

The Y-Foundation cannot guarantee that the service is free from viruses or other actors that may cause virus infections or have other destructive properties.

Y-Foundation reserves the right to change the contents of the service and the terms of use, the availability of the service, the requirements regarding the equipment and programmes needed to operate the service as well as the right to close down any service or deny a user access to the websites at any time and without prior notification.


Cookies and other similar technology are used, on a general level, to monitor the number of visitors and other information collected during regular website visits, such as the IP address, web browser type, the web pages visited, the date of the visit and the web page that redirected the user to the service.

The statistical data collected by cookies is used to develop and improve the websites.

Cookies are not used to identify users. The collected data is not connected to other personal data that has possibly been gathered in other contexts.

Users can disable cookies in their browser settings. In doing so, the user accepts that disabling cookies may also prevent some parts of the service from being used.

Cookies are also used for advertising based on the user’s browsing habits, which means that you may see advertisements for our products and services on third parties’ websites, as well as to monitor the efficiency of our advertising. This type of advertising is safe and open and aims to serve the user. You can block targeted advertising by clicking the following links. After blocking targeted advertising, you will be shown as many advertisements as before, but they are not selected according to your interests.

You can block targeted advertising by Adform here

You can block targeted advertising by Google here

You can block targeted advertising by Facebook here

You can block targeted advertising by other third parties here

Personal Data Processing (Data Protection)

Browsing the websites of the service does not require registration. The Y-Foundation does not collect personal data about the users apart from the exceptions disclosed in this statement.

When an individual fills in an application for a job or an apartment, the data are transferred to the personnel register or the client register of the Y-Foundation.

Other forms and e-mails sent to the e-mail addresses mentioned in the service are unprotected. For this reason, you should not send us your personal identity code, bank account number, salary details or other sensitive information through them.

We save the e-mail addresses of the subscribers of our newsletter. We also collect personal data about users who participate in our competitions, sign up for our events or otherwise provide us their personal data.

If a user sends the Y-Foundation personal data about someone else or if the sender is under 18 years old, the user must ensure that they have the consent of such persons or the consent of their guardian to provide such data to be used for the purposes expressed in these terms and conditions.

We gather statistical data about the users of the service and analyse this data. This is carried out in such a way that the data cannot be linked to individual users. The Y-Foundation also purchases data collection and analysis services from third parties.

Further information about the processing of personal data in the Y-Foundation as well as the privacy statements required by the Personal Data Act can be found in the section “Privacy Statements Regarding the Processing of Personal Data”.

Point of Contact in accordance with Section 190 of the Information Society Code

Y-Foundation / Communications. For enquiries, please contact our customer service.

Privacy Statements Regarding the Processing of Personal Data

The personal data collected by the Y-Foundation in order to carry out its operations constitute filing systems within the meaning of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679. For further information, see our privacy statements.