For the tenant


How to file a complaint about disturbances?

Normal living creates sounds in all buildings. Sometimes, an aberrant lifestyle of a resident can repeatedly disturb the other residents’ lives.

Read the rules and regulations of your building carefully. The rules also detail the quiet hours in the building. You must try to avoid any loud noises especially at night during the quiet hours. Regularly recurring or continuously disturbing noise will usually result in a warning. If the warning does not help, M2 will issue the tenant a reprimand, notifying them of the possibility of a lease termination.

If the disturbances continue despite the reprimand, an eviction process will start. In other words, an eviction may take place after only a single reprimand.

This is how you can file a disturbance complaint

If you are disturbed by a neighbour’s noisy lifestyle, you can report it to the M2-Kodit customer service. The report must always be given in writing and primarily needs to have the signatures of at least two people disturbed by the noises. The names of the complainants are not disclosed to the person the complaint is against.

Some examples of disturbances:

  • playing loud music
  • repeated sounds of fighting and shouting
  • noise caused by guests
  • making noise in the communal areas, such as the hallway or the yard

Report a disturbance.

If you receive a reprimand

If a complaint is submitted regarding your lifestyle, please contact your lessor in order to sort out the matter. If you completely disagree with the subject of the complaint, you can write a statement of defence regarding the situation. It is always good to be active in matters such as this, so that these situations can be solved in time.