When moving in

You will receive the keys to your new rental home at the start of your agreement. You can find the information about collecting the keys from the appendix of the lease agreement.

You can also get the keys from the previous tenant, but this is not recommended. However, if you do receive the keys from the previous tenant, fill out the key handover agreement and deliver it to the key management company The company must be aware that the keys have been returned. Make sure to keep your copy of the key handover agreement.

Key handover agreement (pdf)

Returning keys

You will receive instructions on how to return your keys after terminating your lease agreement. Make sure to return all the keys. If a key is missing, all locks need to be re-installed and you are liable for the costs incurred. The keys must be returned by the end date of your lease agreement.

Lost key

As a tenant, you are responsible for your keys. You should not keep all your keys in one place. Contact the maintenance company immediately if you lose a key.

The maintenance company can open the door for you if you forget your key at home or it goes missing. Remember that the maintenance company will only open a door for people whose names are registered with the maintenance company. This is why it is important to register the names of all residents living in the apartment with the maintenance company. You must be able to present proof of identity to the maintenance company representative.

You are liable to pay a fee to the maintenance company upon the door opening. The fee can also be invoiced later, but an invoicing fee will be added to your invoice.

You can apply for compensation for the opening of the door, lost keys or re-installation of the lock from the AsumisPlus insurance’s key security insurance for M2-Kodit tenants.