For the tenant

Terminating the lease and moving out

How to terminate the lease?

The period of notice for the tenant is one full month. The period of notice is calculated from the last day of the month the notice is given. For example, if the notice is given in January, the lease ends on the last day of February.

Terminate your lease in writing

Please remember that the lease must always be terminated in writing, either online or in a letter via mail. Please note when you send a letter of termination that the termination notice is registered to have been received on the day it arrives at M2-Kodit.

Example: A tenant mails a notice on 7 March. The written notice arrives via mail and is registered to have arrived at M2-Kodit on 9 March. The period of notice begins 1 April and ends 30 April. The flat must be empty and the keys returned to the M2-Kodit maintenance or customer service on the last weekday of April.

If the lessor terminates the lease

We never terminate a lease without a valid reason. When the lessor terminates a lease, the period of notice is 6 months, if immediately prior to the termination the lease has been in effect continually for no less than one year. If the lease has been in effect for less than 12 months, the period of notice for the lessor is 3 months.

Submit a notification of moving out and do a final cleaning

You must notify M2-Kodit when you are moving out. The notification of move stops further usage fees and parking spot fees being charged from you. Remember to submit a notification of move to the postal services and the local register office.

Leave your flat in a neat condition. The costs of a cleaning or emptying arranged by M2-Kodit are always deducted from the security deposit or collected from the tenant. Peepholes, safety locks or chains that the tenant has installed are left in place after the move. This also applies to self-installed window blinds. Remember to terminate your electricity contract so that the new tenant can get their own contract.

  • Remove all of your belongings. Be sure to empty the storage and cellar compartments as well.
  • Take out all of your waste. Taking furniture and hazardous waste to the collection bins of the building is prohibited and their landfill placement costs will be collected from you retroactively.
  • The Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority HSY’s website has instructions on how to dispose of waste not suitable to be taken to the building’s collection bins.
  • Empty and clean the refrigerator and the freezer compartment.
  • Clean the stove burners and the stovetop as well as the oven and the oven trays. Wash the floor under the oven and the sides of the oven as well.
  • Wash the toilet, the bathroom sink and the tub or the shower walls.
  • Clean the floor drain.
  • Wipe the floors and cabinet and cupboard shelves and doors.
  • Air out the flat, but be sure to close the window when you leave!
  • Make sure you also remember to empty the storages when you move out.
  • Remember to return the keys!

Returning the keys

During the termination of the lease, you will receive instructions on how to return the keys. The keys must be returned the day the lease is ending at the latest. If you do not return the keys, you must pay for the serialisation of the lock.

Returning the security deposit

The condition of the flat will be inspected when the lease ends. The security deposit will be returned after the inspection, provided that the flat is in good condition, there is no unpaid rent and the keys have been returned as instructed. The notice of termination must include the number of the bank account on which the security deposit can be returned. A security deposit received as a commitment of expenditure will be returned to the grantor of the commitment.

Lease termination notice (PDF)