Koti kuntoon renovations

Koti kuntoon is M2-Kodit’s own apartment renovation concept to renew all the surfaces of the apartment. The aim of the Koti kuntoon renovations is to give a new look to the apartment and increase residential comfort.

What is the Koti kuntoon renovation?

The Koti kuntoon renovation is a basic renovation package which increases residential comfort. In the renovation, the apartments will receive new surfaces, appliances and bathrooms. Your home will be as good as new after the renovation. In the future, the renovated homes will be equipped with a dishwasher as standard equipment and the waste sorting station in the kitchen will be expanded.


When will my home be renovated?

M2-Kodit has buildings everywhere from the Helsinki to Rovaniemi – in 30 locations. We plan approximately 1–4 years ahead which apartments will be renovated and in what order.

The renovation order depends on the condition of the building. Therefore, we inspect each building and its apartments carefully. Renovations are carried out in the same way. We use tried and tested materials, fittings and equipment models in all M2-Kodit apartments. In this way, the residents are treated equally and the price of the renovation remains in control.

1. Planning starts 1–4 years before the renovation

M2-Kodit tenders design agencies and contractors and applies for funding.

Each apartment is surveyed.

2. At least 6 months before the renovation

We provide details about the renovation, its costs and impacts to the residents.

3. Approximately 2 months before the renovation

We will arrange a residents’ evening in which the developer of M2-Kodit, Property Manager and contractor provide more information about the schedule, measures in the apartment and living arrangements during the renovation.

Now it’s the time to ask if something is unclear!

4.Renovation starts

A waste skip for any belongings you do not need will be brought to the yard.

The renovation of one apartment lasts 3–5 weeks. For this time, the apartment must be emptied and the resident must move to a replacement apartment. This apartment is usually in the same or neighbouring building.

Once the first apartments are completed, the residents get an opportunity to familiarise themselves with a model apartment.

The residents are responsible for the removal expenses, but M2-Kodit arranges removal boxes for them.

During the renovation, only the rent of the original apartment is paid.

The Property Manager and contractors inform the residents of current issues.

5. Renovation ends

The contractor hands the apartment over and M2-Kodit inspects that everything is as agreed.

The residents receive a form with which they can report any faults and deficiencies.

The residents can move in to their own, brand-new home with renewed surfaces, toilet, bathroom as well as replaced kitchen cabinets and appliances.


The Koti kuntoon renovations are carried our similarly in all M2-Kodit properties. We use tried and tested materials, fittings and equipment models in all renovations. The renovation of the entire building lasts approximately 5–12 months, depending on the number of apartments.