For the tenant

Checklist for moving

1. Submit a notification of move at the local register office and postal services

You should submit your notification of move well in advance so that your post will be delivered to the correct address from the date you have specified. You can submit your notification of move to the postal services and/or the local register office. You can get notification forms from a post office or the local register offices.

You can submit the notification online. The sign-in requires the use of bank identifiers, postal service user ID or an identity card with a chip

2. Notification of arrival

Registering with the register of occupants is no longer mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Submit a notification of arrival at the maintenance company when you collect the keys. Please remember to name all persons moving into the flat in the notification. If the number of persons listed in the register of occupants changes, e.g. when your spouse moves in with you, you must give a notification of this.

By registering yourself in the register of occupants you make sure that:

  • If you forget your key, the maintenance company can confirm that you have the right to enter the flat and can open the door for you.
  • Your name will be displayed on the board in the hallway and on your door.
  • You can reserve a parking spot and a sauna slot.
  • You can receive the tenancy information needed for matters such as applying for a housing benefit.
  • Up-to-date tenancy information can also save your life in dangerous situations such as a fire or other emergencies

3. Electricity and gas contract

You can arrange for an electricity contract over the phone. While making an electricity contract for your new flat, you can terminate the one for your previous flat. You can choose which company to purchase your electricity from. You can search for different power companies online and use price quote calculators to find the most affordable option.

If you have a gas stove, you must make a gas contract. This can be done on the Gasum website. With gas contracts, your credit score will be checked. If there are any discrepancies, you must pay for the gas four months in advance.

4. Housing benefit application to Kela

Submit a housing benefit application to Kela as soon as you have a lease. General housing allowance can be applied for using a form available at Kela’s offices or a printable one online. You can also apply for general housing allowance directly online. For online identification you will need bank identifiers.

If you are retired, a student or performing conscript service, you are not eligible for general housing allowance, and instead you have another housing benefit application suitable for your situation.

For more information, visit Kela’s website