Exchanging apartments

Circumstances in life may sometimes change rapidly. Sometimes it means that you must find a new, more suitable home. M2-Kodit can offer apartments of different sizes for all situations in life throughout Finland.

Exchanging apartments due to a change in life circumstances

As an M2-Kodit tenant, you can apply for a new apartment, for example, to change the size, rent or location of the apartment. The necessity and urgency of the exchange is determined in accordance with ARA’s guidelines.

When you have found an apartment in our search service that matches your hopes and needs, fill out the application form for the exchange. Select “I am already a tenant in an M2-Kodit apartment” in the application. Write down the reason for the exchange and possible wishes for the new apartment and locality in the Additional information field. Terminate your current lease agreement after the apartment exchange arrangement has been confirmed.

If an M2-Kodit apartment becomes vacant that matches your search criteria and we are able to offer it to you, we will contact you.

A prerequisite for exchanging an M2-Kodit apartment is that you do not have rent arrears to M2-Kodit and you have not caused any other disturbances during your occupancy. We check your credit information before the exchange. Payment default entries affect the amount of security deposit on a new lease agreement.

The start date of the new lease and the termination period of the current apartment will be agreed on separately in relation to the exchange. You can select the expiry date for your current lease and the start date for your new lease within reasonable limits. As a general rule, you do not have to pay two rents at the same time.

The apartment cannot be exchanged if: 

  • The applicant does not have an explicit reason for the exchange. Explicit reasons for the exchange include relocating for work or studies or an apartment that is too big, small or expensive.
  • The applicant wants to exchange to a more expensive rental apartment, and they have outstanding rent on their current M2-Kodit lease. Rent must be paid on time 6 months before you are eligible to reapply.
  • The exchange application does not comply with the ARA regulations, for example a single applicant is applying for a three-bedroom apartment. According to the ARA regulations, three-bedroom apartments are to be leased to 2–4 people. The reason for an exchange cannot be a same-sized apartment in the same building but on a different floor.

Exchanging apartments among tenants

M2-Kodit tenants may exchange apartments with each other if the prerequisites defined by ARA for an exchange are met.

The apartment exchange arrangement involves the residents of two apartments swapping their apartments. You can submit a notification for an exchange easily in the OmaM2 service.

If you want to exchange apartments with another occupant, both must fill out their own apartment application. In this case, select “I am already a tenant in an M2-Kodit apartment” and in the Additional information field, and write down the person who you want to exchange apartments with.

The rental negotiator will process the applications in accordance with ARA’s guidelines and checks the payment and tenancy history of the tenancy and credit history. Any payment default entries may have an effect on the amount of the security deposit of the new lease agreement.

Do not terminate the lease agreement of your current apartment before the apartment exchange arrangement has been confirmed. M2-Kodit will not carry out separate moving inspections when apartments are exchanged.